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Disability Facts Stats and Case Studies

Key facts and stats

National picture
18 percent of people or 9.4 million England have an impairment or health condition 75 percent of disabled people have more than one impairment 70 percent of disabled people are over the age of 50

        -English Federation of Disability Sport

In 2011, 99,800 people in Gloucestershire reported to the Census that they had a long-term health problem or disability. Of these, 43,300 had a condition that limited their day-to-day activities ‘a lot’, which could represent the potential number of people who might require care services from the council at some point.

Of the people whose condition affected their activities ‘a lot’:

  • 1,300 were children aged 0-15
  • 1,000 were young people aged 16-24
  • 15,500 were aged 25-64
  • 25,500 were aged 65 or above

        -Gloucestershire County Council 'Building Better Lives'

Research and insight

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