We're in it together

About us

Who we are

Active Gloucestershire is a charity whose vision is that “everyone in Gloucestershire is active every day”. We unite organisations and people around this vision and enable them to make it a reality. We are part of a national network of county sport and Active Partnerships operating across England. At our essence we are about driving positive change. Our values are:

  • collaboration: we network, create partnerships and work together
  • innovation: we build on what works and look for new ideas
  • sustainability: we do things for the long‐term.

What we do

Our network spans an incredible range of organisations and individuals from a whole range of sectors. For all of these organisations we:

How we define sport and physical activity

We define physical activity in its broadest sense as any activity involving body movement that uses energy and produces a benefit. Our interest spans all ages from early‐years provision to the elderly, and all activities from dog walking to competitive sport at the highest level. We are absolutely committed to an inclusive approach; ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or situation, has the chance to be active and/or play sport in the way that is right for them. Our aim is to help everyone in the county get active.

Why our work is important?

Physical inactivity now kills as many people as smoking in the UK, and costs the economy £7.4bn a year. Two‐thirds of people in Gloucestershire are inactive. Yet being physically active offers individuals and society a raft of benefits that extend beyond physical and mental health to relationships, success at school and work, social integration, and reduced crime. We want to bring those benefits to the people of Gloucestershire.