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Change Maker online learning

This area will support your in-person events, courses, networks and learning groups provided in the Change Maker programme.

This online learning programme offers the latest thinking, knowledge, resources and interactive online practice to provide Change Makers the knowledge and inspiration they need to make being physically active part of everyday life in Gloucestershire.

All online learning is provided free of charge and is made more practical and successful by your contribution and contributions from others within our learning network. If you have come across something you would like to see in this section. please contact us and let us know.

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Behaviour Change

Adventures in Behaviour Change |Podcast

UCL: understanding the theory of behaviour change in relation to health | Podcast


Lankelly Chase Foundation: Philanthropists working in systems |Articles and blogs

Future Curious - lonliness and technology and ‘Good Gym’ |Podcast

Future Curious- future cities and transport |Podcasts

I Can Make diseases dissapear: Rangan Chatterjee - TEDxLiverpool | Video

WHO: Cycling to work incentives | Video

Happy City: thriving Places Index | Video

Tamarack Institute: Adaptive leadership in a changing world | Webinar

Practical skills

Sport England - Get Set Go mental health awareness course | Course

Activity Alliance: Creating Inclusive environments and increasing partcpation among those who have a disability | Podcast

Social movements and social change

Nesta - Health as a Social Movement: The Power of People in Movements | Articles and blogs

Nesta - What can we learn from global social movements for health? | Articles and blogs

The Future of Civil Society| Articles and blogs

Further reading on social movements

Nesta - Health as Social Movement: The Power of People in Movements | Full report

Nesta - What can we learn from global social movements for health? | Full report

Systems thinking

Tamarack Institute - Illuminating systems change | Download

Systems thinking for social change | Articles and blogs

How to have a social impact | Podcast