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Beat the Street Gloucester 2019

Beat the Street Gloucester 2019

A success for Beat the Street 2019

Gloucester travelled 80,336 miles from 26 June to 7 August 2019. Gloucester was transformed into a giant game with people tapping their cards to register their travel and a chance to win points and prizes.

The game brought together people from all over Gloucester with a shared experience in staying physically active.

I visited areas I had not gone before and met other people.

Beat the Street gave me a real challenge and it has been fun, shame it has to end.

— Beat the Street particpants

What is Beat the Street?

Beat the Street is a fun walking, running or cycling game. Sensors - called Beat Boxes are placed around Gloucester. To play the game, a player needs to tap a Beat the Street card or fob on the Beat Boxes to earn points.

What is next?

We would like to hear your Beat the Street story. Whatever your experience - please let us know. You can share this on our Facebook page or email us.

You can get involved in conversations on what next for Gloucester. If you would like to be part to hear more about this, please email us and let us know.

Thank you

In 2019, Beat the Street has been a success through the efforts of everyone involved. Thank you for telling others about it, being a distribution point, providing venues and meeting opportunties and much more.

We are also very grateful to our sponsors – Gloucester City Homes, Gloucester Bid and Marketing Gloucester and Gloucester City Council.

Beat the Street Gloucester is brought to you by Gloucestershire Moves. Gloucestershire Moves is a movement to get you me and everybody in our county more active.

Beat the Street is delivered by Intelligent Health and is funded by The National Lottery on behalf of Sport England.