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Find a strength and balance class near you

Did you know there are a wide range of community classes all over Gloucestershire that have safe, supportive and friendly environments which are delivered by specially trained instructors?

You can find a list of these specialist classes near where you live in our resources section at the side of this page. You can also download them below. These are listed by district, however if you live close to another district you may find a class in another area is closer to you.

Strength and balance classes by district

Please see our resources section for the most up to date class lists.

Refer yourself

Many of these classes are open to self-referrals (e.g. contacting the instructor and going along yourself, without the need to see a health professional first) however some are not. It will always be best to contact the instructor of the class you are most interested in first to see if it is suitable for you to go along to. Their contact details will be in our class lists.

Other exercise classes

There are also a wide range of other exercise classes specifically targeted at older people in the community, you can also find this list in our resources section – titled general older adults exercise classes. These will be delivered by trained instructors, but not always by those specially trained in falls prevention activity.