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Gloucestershire Moves

Gloucestershire Moves


Time to do things differently Research shows increasingly that discrete, short-term, sport and physical activity programmes don’t deliver long-term benefit. It’s time to do things differently. From our NHS clinical commissioners and county and district councils to local charities, businesses and schools, the county is coming together to prioritise physical activity, aligning policy and investing money and resources in a new approach.

A ” Whole System” Gloucestershire Moves is a “whole system approach” to raise physical activity levels across the county and get everyone in Gloucestershire moving. It’s holistic, addressing all aspects of daily life: travel, education, work, home and leisure. Sport, fitness, health and education, business, communities, tourism and housing and planning will all collaborate to create an active environment which allows everyone to integrate physical activity into their day.

One place. One population Gloucestershire can do this because we have a simple structure that coincides with the county boundary, so all services share the same place and population; “everyone knows everyone” and is used to working together.

Helping those in greatest need and creating a new social norm To raise and sustain activity levels we have to do two things; help the most inactive people to be active and at the same time, change the culture for the population as a whole, so being active every day becomes the expectation for everyone.

Almost 20% of us do nothing Through Sport England Active Lives data and consultation with more than 200 organisations and 500 individuals we know that 112,000 people in Gloucestershire do no physical activity at all; nearly one fifth of the county. Many are older adults suffering poor health, children and young people, those with disabilities and people living in deprived areas with limited facilities.

A three-tiered approach Building on detailed insight into what’s needed, cutting edge behaviour change theory and the best of what already exists, we’ll develop and constantly refine tailored programmes for individuals and for communities, as well as running promotions for the whole population.

A brand and social movement Initiatives across the county will carry the Gloucestershire Moves name and image, raising awareness, interest, appetite, involvement and advocacy. It will become the county’s recognised “brand” for physical activity. Through high profile communications and social media, we’ll create a movement for change, bringing people together to encourage and support one another to be active and calling for it as part of their daily life.

Coming soon Backed by the county’s leadership, Gloucestershire Moves is ready to go. We have secured funding for the next three years and have agreed a pilot programme for 2018. Initiatives include:

More initiatives are underway.

Join the movement If you or your organisation would like to know more about Gloucestershire Moves or be part of the most innovative and exciting cultural change in the county, please see our dedicated website, contact 01452 303 528 or email us.

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