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One You

What is One You?

One You is a ground-breaking new campaign from Public Health England to help the nation’s adults, especially those between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, avoid future diseases caused by modern day lifestyles.

Everyday habits and behaviours such as not being active enough, eating too much unhealthy food, drinking more alcohol than is recommended and continuing to smoke are responsible for around 40% of all deaths in England, costing the NHS more than £11 billion a year.

Taking control of your health

One You aims to encourage adults, particularly those in middle age, to take control of their health to enjoy significant benefits now, and in later life. It also provides information on how you can reduce stress levels and sleep better.

Reduced health in later life is not inevitable. Older people can live as well as young people by making relatively small changes to their habits and lifestyles.


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How are you?…. find out

The One You campaign invites adults to take the ‘How Are You?’ online health quiz that assess your current behaviours and shows you areas you should look to change.

‘How Are You?’ asks how you are feeling and gets you to think about your levels of activity, your diet, alcohol intake and whether you smoke. You can then access free, online tools designed to help makes changes in the areas where you need to take action.

Take the quiz

Download the free apps

The apps are as follows:

  • One You Couch to 5k
  • One You Drinks Tracker
  • One You Easy Meals
  • NHS Smoke Free