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Sport England Opportunities

Late last year Sport England announced that it would be investing £250Million to combat inactivity as part of it’s five-year strategy, Towards an Active Nation.

As well as continuing to support people who already play sport, Sport England has launched funds with a greater emphasis on groups who are typically much less active, such as women, disabled people and those from lower-socio-economic backgrounds.

It has also simplified it’s approach to funding, reducing the number of investment programmes from more than 30 down to seven and has made the application process more straightforward.

Click here for more information on the seven investment programmes 2016-2021

Sport England has already announced further details for a number of funds available. Click on the below links to find out more (and there are still more to come!)

We will be doing our utmost to ensure that we support groups and organisations in Gloucestershire to secure as much of this funding for high quality programmes. We will also be running dedicated support sessions for the different funding programmes throughout the year. Please note spaces will be limited so booking is essentials. To register your interest or to discuss an application, please contact Louisa Hancox.